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Dedicated to saving & improving lives of homeless pets from Oakdale & Riverbank communities


  • Reduce homeless pets and unplanned/unwanted litters with low cost spay/neuter programs.
  • Encourage adoption of shelter pets with outreach, education & funding of adoption “specials”.  
  • Give shelter pets a second chance with needed veterinary treatment or grooming “makeovers”.
  • Improve well-being & health of homeless pets from our community with improvements to the Oakdale Animal Shelter.
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Phoenix First special needs dog helped by Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance


Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance is a small grass roots, all-volunteer 501(C)3 non-profit organization, founded in 2004 to help homeless pets in need at the Oakdale Animal Shelter.  

When shelter volunteers first looked into the soulful brown eyes of this little dog in the fall of 2004, and watched him drag his damaged hind leg behind him with his tail wagging, they knew he needed a miracle to save his life. Veterinarians at Oakdale Veterinary Group offered to examine and x-ray his leg for no charge.  Bad news was the injury was old and never repaired, causing irreparable damage to the dog’s hip.  Good news was the sweet little dog, now named Phoenix, would be pain free, and live a full, active life with the bum leg amputated.  Oakdale Veterinary Group provided the surgery at a greatly reduced cost, and in a matter days, Phoenix was running around the yard and chasing a ball.  He was quickly adopted to a family in the Bay Area.